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The Troxler model 4301/02 is a portable, extremely compact, rechargeable battery operated unit and incorporates many innovative technical features incorporating state of art microprocessor based electronics for exceptional reliability, stability, capability and very fast determination of soil moisture data at various depths. TROXLER model 4301/02 soil moisture gauge is ideally suited for determining field capacity, application, efficiency, rewatering point, moisture hold data etc. useful for Water Management and Irrigation Scheduling to optimize usage, saving of inputs for increased crop yields. To get maximum yields and higher profits you've got to know precisely how much moisture is available to your crops' thirsty root system. The easiest, most precise way to monitor your soil's moisture content is with the 4301/02 Soil Moisture Gauge. Precise on-the-spot moisture readings from the entire root zone, as well as areas above and below, can be taken wherever, whenever, and at whatever depths you choose. Troxler, the worlds' leader in moisture gauges for over 40 years, developed the 4301/02 specifically to meet the highest standards of growers, researchers, and consultants who demand precision, speed, durability,

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Simple to Operate Using the Model 4301/02 is simple. Access tubes are placed where moisture needs to be monitored and the probe is lowered into the tube. Neutrons emitted by the probe enter the soil and are thermalized by the hydrogen present in water. These thermalized neutrons enter the helium-3 detector and are registered as a count. Then using a calibration the detected counts are converted into the precise soil moisture readings you require.

Special features not available with other manufacturer's models

Direct Reading:Automatically computes / calculates and DIGITALLY Displays (LCD) directly MOISTURE CONTENT OF SOILS.

  • Kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3) & Percent Volume (% vol)
  • Millimeter per meter (mm/m) & Counts per minute
  • Moisture range:0-100 percent volumes&Memory storage capacity - 2840 readings (Approx)
  • Pounds per cubic feet (pcf) & Inches per feet (inch/ft); Centimeter per meter (cm/m)

Moisture Data Transfer to Computer: VERY EASY & SAFE for transferring moisture data to your computer you need only to take the small handheld CONTROLLER which is detachable without the gauge (which contains the source). The moisture readings / data are transferred easily to COMPUTER. This is also safe. In other manufacturer's model the scientist has to take the ENTIRE GAUGE with the RADIOACTIVE SOURCE to the COMPUTER. Operating the many push buttons for data transfer is not easy, cumbersome, tedious with difficulty in correlating and following the transfer to COMPUTER.

The Model 4301/02 offers you these advantages:

  • Profile Moisture Measurements from root zone to over 30.49m (100 feet) deep
  • Exclusive notebook feature: Allows user to tailor entry of data for research analysis or for irrigation scheduling requirements. 1000 lines of readings, notes and auto notes can be stored and transferred to a printer or spreadsheet. Also stores 64 individual calibrations
  • Readings not affected by salts, temperature or barometric pressure
  • Proven accuracy/dependability around the world
  • Thousands sold for a variety of research and field applications

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