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High speed interferometer based FT-IR spectrometers

Compact, portable and high speed interferometer based FT-IR spectrometers for use in remote sensing, industrial, military and homeland defense applications

Hand Portable FT-IR Spectrometer

Spectral Range: 2 - 16 micrometers


  • Lightweight, Single Package Design
  • Thermally Stabilized Interferometer
  • Embedded Pentium ® PC Computer
  • USB, Ethernet, and VGA ports
  • Calibrated Output with Optional Thermally Stabilized Blackbody
  • "Through-the-Lens" Viewing of Targets
  • High Sensitivity and Throughput
  • Full sun readable LCD screen
  • Real-Time On-Screen Spectra and Math Processing
  • Runs on compact battery, 12 volt, or worldwide universal AC supply


  • Compact and highly portable
  • No need to carry added laptop
  • No need to plug into car or AC power
  • Ideal for emission and remote sensing
  • Proven design with demonstrated reliability


  • Remote Sensing
  • Calibrated Emission Testing
  • Gas Cloud Sensing