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Equipments for Environmental, Remote sensing, Hydraulics & Water Resources, Soil Mechanics:

Our business associates has developed over the past decade to one of the leading manufactures for ground based remote sensing equipment, meteorological, soil mechanics lab and hydraulic water resources. Their products work with high reliability worldwide on governmental, commercial and scientific facilities mainly for Educational / Academic Institutions. Universities, International weather services, power plants, space research organisations and airports know the quality delivered by our business associates. Well trained staff of technicians and scientists has given the company a solid basis for the best customer support on installation, training, measuring and maintenance.

Our associates products include in the field of:

  • Environmental, Remote Sensing, Meteorology
  • Hydraulics / Water Resources
  • Soil Mechanics Lab /Image Analysis Plant science

Environmental, Remote Sensing, Meteorology:

Hydraulics, Water Resources :

Soil Mechanics Lab, Image Analysis Plant science :

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