DMT CoreScan

The DMT CoreScan system is a high-tech core logging system, which enables scanning of drill core, the creation of a digital drill core library (drill core data management) and qualitative and quantitative structural analysis using high-quality images.

The DMT CoreScan generates high-resolution, full circumference images of drill core samples. Furthermore, drill core or even an entire core box can be scanned in the plane mode resulting in a detailed overview image. It produces optical images in true color with a resolution of up to 10 pixel/mm (254 dpi), details up to 40 pixel/mm (1016 dpi).

DMT CoreScan UV is a new additional UV fluorescence imaging tool for the established DMT CoreScan system. Using this integrated feature makes it easier to analyse drill core e.g. for the distribution of mineral oil or fluorescent minerals such as scheelite.

The configuration of the portable stand alone devices is designed for rough environments and is extremely user-friendly to handle.

This digital drill core imaging and logging system provides:

  • High-tech core logging
  • Data base with global accessibility
  • Precise drill core imaging and drill core analysis
  • Quantitative fracture analyses
  • Drill core orientation
  • UV fluorescence imaging


  • Exploration drilling for oil, gas, coal, ore and mineral deposits
  • Sedimentological investigations
  • Structural investigations
  • Scientific drilling projects
  • Site investigation for geothermal energy projects
  • Site investigation for final disposal of radioactive waste
  • Site investigation for geotechnical applications, such as rail and road routes
  • Geological investigation of underground storage facilities for oil and gas
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