Borehole Logging Equipment

Mount Sopris Instruments manufactures, distributes, and rents geophysical equipment and software for subsurface investigations. Our products include borehole logging equipment for groundwater, mining, research, geotechnical, and other applications. We offer a range of stackable wireline probes, versatile data loggers, rugged logging winches, and WellCAD – the industry standard in log presentation software.

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Downhole Probes description:

Mount Sopris offers the widest range of slimline downhole probes in the industry. Designed to standup to the harshest borehole environments, our small diameter sondes are also surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle. Most probes come in both stand-alone and stackable versions, saving you time and money. Please check out our standard probes below.

Logging Winches description:

Mount Sopris is well-known for its rugged logging winches, featuring proven designs and heavy duty components to ensure reliable performance in the most demanding environments. To accommodate your depth and portability requirements, we offer 3 basic winch models with cable, cable head, and voltage options. Winch failures can be very costly in terms of time, money and safety – don’t settle for anything less than a Mount Sopris winch!

IWA – Intelligent Winch Assembly – Up to 2500 meters
WNA & WFA – Truck-Mounted Winches – Up to 1800 meters
MX Series – Semi-Portable Winches – Up to 1000 meters
Mini Series – Portable Winches – Up to 305 meters

Data Acquisition Systems:

Mount Sopris offers data loggers designed for your unique application.
The MATRIX is able to accommodate multiple telemetry systems, including all Mount Sopris probes, past and present, as well as many 3rd party tools. This versatility, combined with its compact size and dependable performance, has made the MATRIX one of the most popular loggers in the industry.

The SCOUT is a new generation data logger. It offers the unique combination of high performance, ruggedness and ease of use appreciated by many logging operators. It functions with our latest line of QuickLink (QL) tools and is optimized for use with the 2nd generation acoustic and optical televiewers – collecting data at baud rates up to 500,000 bps.

Click here for more information on the MATRIX Data Logger SCOUT Data Logger

WellCAD™ Software:

Mount Sopris offers WellCAD™ log acquisition and processing software, the most intuitive and comprehensive user interface in the industry. Combining excellent display, editing and analysis capabilities, WellCAD™ has become the standard log composite software in mining, natural resource, geotechnical, and other communities. WellCAD is a trademark of Mount Sopris partner, Advanced Logic Technology.