We are a professionally competent and result-oriented organization formed by highly qualified, experienced engineers having over 40 years of proven field experience.

The experience includes servicing and technical sales to R&D Organizations, Oil Exploration companies and advanced training in Nuclear and Laser related equipments. We are closely connected with various Professional Bodies and technical associations like Assn. of Exploration Geoscientists, Indian Geophysical Union, Indian Water Resources Society, Indian Hydraulics, Indian Geotechnical Society, Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Geological Society of India and Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine.

We are exclusively dedicated to technical sales backed by efficient and prompt service support of high tech products manufactured by our overseas principals.

We are in the field of sophisticated instrumentation in various fields like Geophysics, Oceanography, Environmental, Seismology, Agriculture, Remote Sensing and Industry.

Electrotek’s business centres around presenting the latest innovative products( both hardware and software) to Indian market, in the geophysical domains of i) Seismic Exploration ii) Seismic Sources iii) Well logging & iv) Electromagnetic and Magnetotelluric Exploration.

Electrotek, while doing businesses in the above segments of earth science, takes pride of representing world leaders like ‘DMT, GmbH, Germany’, ‘Vibrometric, Finland’, ‘Mount Sopris Instruments, USA’, and ‘AGCOS, Canada’, being the manufacturers of various state of the art instruments, required in present day geophysical exploration activities.

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