FieldSpec Handheld2 (325 – 1075 nm)

The portable, ruggedized The  NEW  HandHeld2 covering  325  to  1075  nm offers  streamlined  field  data  acquisition with  the  imbedded  light  version  of  remote  sensing  software.  The  results  are  shown  on  an integrated, high visibility color display, so you are free to collect samples without the worry of carrying a computer.  The HandHeld2 provides the ideal combination of performance, portability, and durability at an affordable price.

The  HandHeld  2  Spectroradiometer  employs  a  high sensitivity  detector  array,  a  low  stray  light  grating, built  in  shutter,  Drift  lock  dark  current  compensation, and  second  order  filtering  to  produce  high  signal-to-noise spectra in under a second.  Designed  with  an ergonomic  dual position “D” handle, the   HandHeld2  Spectroradiometer  is  equally convenient   for   right   or   left   hand   operation.   The rugged  HandHeld  2   weighs  1.13kg   (under  3   lbs) including batteries.

The ASD FieldSpec leaves the factory floor calibrated as a spectroradiometer, ready for precise radiance and irradiance measurements, but is equally suited for use as a spectrometer for accurate contact or stand-off reflectance analysis with a wide range of standard accessories

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